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The basic techniques of Combat Jiu Jitsu allow you to reliably defend yourself and others. Techniques we offer, teach and recommend are highly versatile and may be adapted to suit your lifestyle thereby allowing you to easily maintain the necessary physical form.

All of our staff members are trained to the highest degree in the practice and theory of Combat Jiu-Jitsu. In addition we ensure that every member of our training team has at least 3 years of professional Combat Jiu-Jitsu training experience. Our training facilites allow us to conduct group and individual sessions, however, we are also willing to work at your location if required.

The secret art of the Samurai which in our times has been mastered by very few – today is offered to you. These are no sporting competitions in this form of Martial Art. Combat Jiu Jitsu is a highly effective tool used by professional bodyguards, security, police and military forces. To master it you do not need Schwarzenegger's muscles, Van Damme's flexibility and the reaction speed of Bruce Lee. All you need is what has already been given to you. Your first ISCJJ session will show you that you have what it takes.

Shekel, Nikolai Vladimirovich

Founder and President of International School of Combat Jiu-Jitsu. Coordinator of International Bodyguard Association (IBA) in the CIS area. Expressed interest in martial arts at an early age, which determined future choice of profession. Graduated from the Special Army College where he learned Jiu-Jitsu and SAMBO. Participated in anti-terrorism operations and protection of government officials. Taught VIP protection and prepared special groups for anti-terrorism. After finishing University of Athletics he chose to further pursue training others as a profession. Experience in martial arts - more that 35 years.

Over the past century the world of martial arts has undergone many changes. One of the most prominent of which has been the segregation of Martial Arts into two broad streams. One of these streams presents us with a bright, dazzling commercial image of Martial arts where show-business, magazines, books, various associations, competitions and medals play the central role.

The other stream remains largely hidden from public view. It holds no competitions and attracts no audience or media attention. Yet within this stream hundreds of professional masters train others to preserve the true essence of martial arts. All over the world they train individuals who face real danger and engage in real combat with real criminals. These individuals carry out criminal arrests, antiterrorist and military missions, protect and defend important people and locations.

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