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What we have to offer:

- Highly professional, specialized martial arts training courses for bodyguards, security professionals and police officers.
Individual, group, private or corporate arrangements.

- Weapon-defence courses for teenagers – a combination of defence techniques used against a wide range of weapon attacks.

- Effective and versatile self-defence courses for serious and respectable individuals.

- Professional Instructor Courses for those who wish to become self defence instructors.
Training for Instructors of 1-4 level for ISCJJ.

- Evening and weekend self defence open classes.
For those who simply enjoy martial arts.

- Master classes.
Intensive training and focus on specific techniques.

- Basic introductory training courses designed to equip individuals with skills and knowledge necessary to setup ISCJJ Self Defence classes in their local areas.

- Specialised courses for professional Freestyle Fighters – designed to incorporate a variety of styles and techniques.
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) - individual training.

Being a bodyguard, a security professional, serving as a police or an army officer demands good training, constant maintenance of your physical form and combat skills. For this purpose we have introduced our unique self maintenance courses.

At your request a small team of our specialists (1 trainer & 1-2 assistants) will visit you to deliver a 2-3 day basic CJJ training course to you or your staff.

During this course 2-3 students will be selected and trained further as CJJ Level 1 Instructors. This will enable these students to function as personal trainers within your team. Following this basic course these selected individuals will be able to independently and regularly train your team thereby maintaining and improving their combat skills and general fitness level without extra costs. In addition they will be given an opportunity to improve their training qualifications through regular attendance of Instructor classes at the ISCJJ.

As shown by experience these courses generate brilliant results and may become a profitable part of your business.

If you seek Olympic medals - we are not the ones to help you. Combat Jiu Jitsu is not a competitive sport, it is an art of control, over self and others, which is vital for every professional bodyguard, security, police or army officer.

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